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Bob Schott

Films and 'Bounty'


'In The Line of Fire'

Bob (far right) with Clint Eastwood 
(middle), with, cast and crew on location
in Washington D.C. for  Columbia - 
Castle Rock Pictures


'Dixie Bar & Grill'
Universal Studios

Lt to Rt:  Jamie Farr, Henry Gibson and 

Bob Schott



'Future Hunters'
Bob on location in the Phiillipines



Bob Schott Armwrestling 'Lakers-Kings'' owner Jerry Buss for control over the deepsea bed?




Wrestler 'HBH', Bob Schott and friend on location in Lake Havasu, Arizona


Bodybuilder, U.S. and World Arm Wrestling Champion



Before Pirates of the Caribbean, before Captain Jack Sparrow, There came a True Legendary Buccaneer Pirate...

Captain Bob

  Celebrating ISLE's 30th Diamond Anniversary and Bob Schott's enrollment into Marquis 'Who's Who in America, Special Diamond Edition 2006 and Who's Who in the World Sivler Anniversary Edition 2008!'

Captain Bob

Founder/Pirate: ISLE

Bob Schott, coined as a modern day 'Robin Hood of the Seas', a modern day pirate, has over 20 years in Major Motion pictures and Broadcast Television, and is also a former World Arm Wrestling Champion. In October of 2005 Bob was enrolled into World Famouns 'Marquis Who's Who in America', the 60th Diamond Edition, 2006. Bob now joins former ISLE attorney Oscar Ladner (Who's Who in American Law). Also, simultaneously, this year marks the 30th Anniversary of ISLE. This makes the ISLE Project unlike any other. In June of 1998 Bob became the only entertainment professional to have been featured in Research and Development Magazine by making the cover of the Aerospace issue for scientific findings which baffled U.S. Defense manufacturers analysis. In the mid 1980's Bob received unprecedented support from NASA and the DOT for a startling new development in commercial Deep Space Enterprise... but in 1975 Bob made history with a very controversial claim to over 6 million square miles of previously unclaimed and uncontrolled property on the East Pacific Ocean Seafloor. This claim would press' the 'Third-World-Law-of-The-Seas' Conferences into a frenzy and ultimately lead to the passage of the United States Public Law Bill 96-283, a bill intended to regulate and control the licensing of all U.S. based companies involved in Deep-Seabed mining. When in Canada at an International convention, former Ambassador to the U.N., Henry Kissenger,referred to Bob as a modern day 'Pirate of the Seas' with a Robin Hood Heart. While the 'Law of the Seas' conferences lead to virtual 'deadlock' on agreement it was clear that Mr. Schott's claim caused great concern throughout the world for a unilateral agreement for control, control of what historically has been known to be called...

"The Common Heritage of Mankind"

Ownership in ISLE is conveyed to the buyer as being that which Bob Schott and ISLE have been, and are vested with, based on the years of research, legal filings and notices and work invested in Mr. Schott's claim to over 6 million square miles of East Pacific Ocean Seafloor. To this date, Bob's claim has never been contested. This makes the ISLE sealand project the most unique Nautical Gift Idea in the World.

"The Idea"

Bob's idea behind his claim had 2 main purposes:

1. To offer small parcels for sale at a price so affordable to give every individual a chance to feel that they have a piece of 'The Last Frontier on Earth'..."The Common Heritage of Mankind"

To establish a few very important By-Laws which would be designed to protect the environment of this abundance of wealth and food for our future use from greed, power and abuse..


"You may call this a novelty if you like, but...


This Truly is 'Man's Chance to Take a Chance"...

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