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Greed. recklessmess and no accountability are jeopradizing our Ocean's Resources. Large fishing vessels threaten our seas with extinction. Now science is going so far as to begin experimienting with 'Genetically Engineered Fish'. There's something about that that is not very appetizing or promissing is it?
It's time to start looking to the Future and Protect our Oceans!

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The seabed area of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Mexico, over 2500 miles long and 800 miles wide is literally covered with Billions of nodules of metal. These natural resources provide a wealth of enormous proportion. These deepsea bed nodules are composed of approximately 33 percent metal ores, such as copper, cobalt, iron, magnesium, nickel, and various other ores. A major portion of this area falls well within our ISLE claim. When I first undertook this endeavor I had no idea of the political seriousness and sophisticated controversial and convoluted legal hornets nest I was about to get myself into. After about 6 months of intense research and sleepless nights, on something that started out as a rather humorous 'lark',  I began to see the the many loopholes and overlooked areas surrounding this monumental issue. When trying to evaluate a situation I sometimes like  to 'exaggerate' hypothetical theories and see how they appear. In this case my main question was "What would happen if suddenly all of the oceans of the earth were to evaporate. All answers to this one question led to one statement, there would be the largest land rush in the history of mankind. So why hasn't this happened in the Pacific ocean for example?

Because of one main fact, the lack of technological ability to reap the rewards which lie at the oceans depths. So...the deepsea beds, for main stream humanoids were, as the old saying goes, "out of sight...out of mind".  My original theory was that if everyone on earth had just one parcel of some of this 'property' then "we" as a people, not a controlling government, that all too frequently bend from the temptations of  political lobbyism from multi-national corporations, could all retain what is rightfully ours, the Common Heritage of Mankind. Now, 25 years later, the ISLE claim still remains intact and has never been contested. Therefore I am now making available to 'everyone' who wants to join in and take a chance on a claim I made in 1975, by showing their support for this controversial issue.

As the ISLE claim is approximately 6 million square miles, and available in one acre units, at 640 acres per square mile, there is enough for at least every family on this planet to have at least one piece of Earth's endangered Last Frontier. To this end, along with the parcels, I have created a few simple, but environmentally protective by-laws. The deeds are sold much like when you buy any property, with certain restrictions, these restrictions are designed to allow for protections and rejuvenation of the deepsea bed resources and the overall environment of the waterways surrounding them.  One of the main issues is protection against the constant abuse of  'corporate greed'.

T he waterways and lakes of our countries, now even the oceans themselves, are over exploited and over polluted. It seems mankind will over work an area to the point of extinction and devastation, all in the name of 'saving jobs'. It used to be that fishermen could go out 10 to 15 miles and catch their quota, now they are forced to go out over 150 miles, in some areas, even more, just to make a living. According to scientific findings, the minerals of the deepsea bed were created ions ago by volcanic activity. Until the mid 20th century, the means for extraction of these valuable resources was virtually non-existent this played a major role in the total lack of interest for ownership and control over the deepsea bed. In earlier centuries ownership was determined by the range of canon fire, which was established at 3 miles, later as technology increased the boundaries were established at 50 miles, or to the outer reaches of the countries own continental shelf or 200 miles where it remains today.

There are two (2) basic reasons why a major commercial harvest exploitation has not yet started. The first being 'political'; the failure of a fair 'across the board'  policy in the UN, jealousy, anti-private sentiment, charges of American greed, the  failed hopes of delegates to the exhausting UN conferences of the Law of the Sea Treaties negotiations, (of which I am proud to have played a role in),  to radically restrict the US role in seabed mining, and attempts by delegates from underdeveloped countries to write the mining rules to their own advantage and to penalize technologically superior nations in the process..

The Second being; what is mentioned earlier, the previous lack of world-wide 'vessel' technology to extract these resources from the oceans depth. The companies with capabilities to do can be mentioned on one hand, companies such as the U.S. based Kennicott Copper and DeepSea Ventures, Inc. (who also deemed it important enough to establish a claim; see ISLE's Property Description page.), along with a few others around the globe.One of the fears now with environmental groups the world over is that with the increase in  the advancement in technology, mankind is threatening to make extinct the very source of food and hard mineral resources  they exploit.  Mining companies left to police their own actions historically seem to care little for the long term and only for the immediate and self-serving reward.I can see a major problem ahead if nodules were to go under such international control and if mining licenses are issued without  'Solid Time Guarantees' to allow for proper rejuvenation and strong contamination protection what happens to these resources that took millions of years to harvest, when those resources are gone, or polluted to extinction? Where do we go, who do we ask for help, what happens when the smoke clears and the rubble and ruin lie in the wake of the greed and abuse, what do we do when the world asks...Why? What did you do? What gives you the right? 

Let's all make a profit and and allow the entire world to reap the valuable food and other resource benefits the deepsea beds have to offer, but let's do it sensibly and protectively. While your deed is only as strong as ISLE's claim, (see legal title section) , with the help and support from all of you who feel as I do for the need for focus and education on this issue, we can make a difference. 

Captain Bob

"Awareness and Action are the only defense our Oceans have left. Do your part whenever you can, to help."

"Thanks for visiting our SeaLand Environmental site. Won't you help visit our RainForest Section below and help out for free simply by clicking on the Links below. Thank you..."Lori"

The seabeds contain a treasure trove of metals that mankind needs. Business wants the freedom to bring up the treasure and make a profit. Many U.N. Delegates don't want it that way."

...Nations Business - While in Maine Captain Bob discovered that in 2005 they would be discontinuing Lobster fishing apprentice positions. Could this be a sad sign of the times for the once pure and untainted waters of Coastal Maine? If Maine is now being affected, what does that mean for the rest of the more populated waters?!

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Another Disastrous Deep Water Oil Spill
The Beginning of the end of the Last Frontier on Earth?

A hard line look at the Destructive Pollution of our Earth's and Ocean's Natural Resources Exploded in April 2010 producing a gush of oil into the Gulf of Mexico

Just when Louisiana thought they had a good market for Shrimpers another oil spill threatens its very existence. Now with the Price of Shrimp dropping and the price of Oil/Gas rising it doesn't look good for those who tried to build a new career from the Shrimping industry. The long term affects of this disastrous and irresponsible spill remain to be seen. Approximately 2 Million Gallons of chemicals were used on the surface this is almost 20 times the amount of pollution caused by the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska. Man's greed and carelessness just keeps on polluting the Earth and it's not getting any better. Now what did the government do? Dispersed more chemicals to clean up the chemicals. There's a rule in here somewhere, one that even a 3 year old can understand and it goes something like this, “chemicals and natural resources just don't get along.” Now the studies are releasing facts that these chemical damage control agents being released in the water are sinking down to 5000 feet where they can harm underwater Marine life. Now doesn't that sound typical, 'out of sight, out of mind?' The Chemicals that were used were designed to move the Oil away from surface dwelling marine life. The stupidity in all of this is what Marine Scientist Robert Diaz stated, “The Chemicals definitely don't make the Oil disappear. They take it from one area in the Ecosystem and put it in another.” Hey quiz kids...oil and water Don't Mix!

The questionable damage control measures combined with the continual and irresponsible oil spills to our Oceans with the continual pollution mankind refuses to control and the Earth's Ocean resources keep eroding further and further. Add all of that to the Foreign Fishing fleets with their massive catching/gathering techniques, the Taiwanese long line fishing that needlessly kills sharks, the Japanese Whale boats that slaughter the Whales all add up to the nearing end of what was referred to as 'The Last Frontier on Earth'.

This is little difference in principle than what Traditional medicine and Pharmaceutical firms with their huge lobbying efforts have made billions of dollars on supporting and promoting Pharmaceutical Drugs practice. Just take a look at any PDR (Physicians Desk Reference). This is the Reference Guide to all manufactured and Administered Drugs used by the Medical community. You'll be hard pressed to find one single solitary Drug in this reference guide that doesn't have either Adverse Reactions or Contraindications associated to it. Go to the Doctor for one problem and they give you one Drug with Adverse Reactions. In a few months you need to go back so they can give you another Drug to help with the Damage Control caused by the first one and on and on. An historically protected practice that keeps the medical community in the high end of the pay scales. What's worse is that in almost all cases if people would stop running to the Doctor for every little thing they could be cured by Natural Vitamins and Herbs and maintain a healthy lifestyle with Natural Maintenance. It has been proven that a automobiles can run on Water. But no government wants that, it's all about Oil. So because of the Greed in Politics, no solutions are given, no remedies are established, no common sense is being used, and reasonable prevention methods give way to operations of huge billion dollar companies. it's all about money, and the Earth keeps eroding. And then just recently, the BP Oil Spill happened again.

While the government spends millions of tax payers dollars doing 'what are considered by many as Wasteful Useless Studies' on the affects of these Pollution Disasters and Greed, how much is being spent on Prevention? You just don't hear of that. You don't need to spend millions of dollars and years of research to understand what Oil Spills and careless Toxic pollution does to the natural resources of our Oceans, we just need to stop it, and if Progress gets in the way, then good, so be it, because if it doesn't stop, there won't be a planet left to Progress on! It looks like the Raid, Pillage and Plunder will just keep continuing until there's nothing lef

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people die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes.
This is down from 35,000 ten years ago, and 41,000 twenty years ago.

Three-fourths of the deaths are children under the age of five.
Famine and wars cause about 10% of hunger deaths, although these
tend to be the ones you hear about most often. The majority of hunger
deaths are caused by chronic malnutrition. Families facing extreme
poverty are simply unable to get enough food to eat.
In 1999, a year marked by good economic news, 31 million Americans
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Watch this important video, 'Fate of our Oceans', by Julie Whitty for all those concerned about our Oceans! Ocean Resources are endangered! *Global Warming, and Ocean Pollution are rapidly endangering Sea Creatures and Fishing resouces.

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