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'Finding the hard to find Holiday Gift'...

by Lori – 10-30-08

Frustrating right? So many things to think of and so little time. I think of ways to lower the last minute stress and pressure so the release valve doesn't blow! Looking for common need items that are unique and unusual gifts may be the way when you are not so familiar with the person, such as printed calendars for their desk which shows them all year that you care. Gift giving is a terrific way to enjoy your name getting out there – but 'I don't have a company' you may say. Well, your name is who you are and anyone can appreciate a gift form someone who has taken the time to have that name printed professionally. 'But I don't want to print my name on anything you may say.' OK, let's explore what you can do if this is the case you say, well, I say a theme. Find a holiday theme of your Yuletide feelings for this Christmas season. This can work very well too, a special kind of creation of sorts, from everything from say, maybe gift certificates, cute cuddly critters, hard to find gifts and novelties to personalized nautical ocean gifts and even, given the times, environmental gifts of awareness. Purchase as many as you can of the same. Now, once you have your item chosen, count how many you could obtain and sit down to think of all you would enjoy to have these items.

Now see if your list for gift giving has lessened at all and then repeat the same approach again and again until it has been satisfied. Of course those were the folks that you want to give a give to, but you don't know them very well, just well enough to include them as a sort of a 'thank you' for the years worth of service they may have provided or friendship you have enjoyed or just to cheer them up. Of course we all know about the more pricey approach of Gift Baskets and edible gifts, but you would want to do your math here. Weigh the cost such as, 'is this overkill' for the present status that you have with this individual?

So now you may say, “Hey, I know all of that, can't you share something a little different in approach?” Personalized gifts give a beautiful personal caring approach to gift giving and the item, if need be, for those who need a financial break, can even be a bit low cost and trinkity, if you will. Can you think back at an item that had your name on it at one time and how did you feel? Well, if you are like a lot of us that name was yours so even if it was on a pen or pencil for instance, you would not really consider throwing it away, right.”

Well, just loving the season of giving, I thought I'd have some fun taking you through a bit of how to's too!... Happy Holidays to all!


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