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No Existing Laws
Prior to
Flagship Laws Applied


The Claim
World Wide Notice

Certificate of Title
Oscar B. Ladner
Henry Kissinger



  • PRIOR TO 1975      No International Laws applied to the Deep Seabeds of the World. It was Internationally agreed that the Ocean's waterways were 'free passage' and Flagship Laws applied, but without regard for the Seabed. Countries owned the property only out to their own continental shelf or to a maximum of 3 miles, which was later extended to 50 miles and later to 200 miles where it remains in effect today (with the exception of two major claims, Bob Schott (ISLE) of California-US and Deepsea Ventures of Virginia-US.

  • U.S. 1975       Bob Schott (ISLE, International SeaLand Enterprises) of the USA, filed the largest and most controversial land property claim in the History of the World.
  • GLOBAL 1975      All Major Countries of the World, including the United States, the United Nations, U.S. Governor Scranton and U.S./U.N. Ambassador Mr. Henry Kissinger,  NOAA and all of the Major Oil and Deepsea Mining and Exploration companies were also notified.

  • U.S.  1978         Mr. Oscar B. Ladner, Attorney at Law, and listed in 'Who's Who' in American Law, issued an 'Attorney's Certificate of Title to Mr. Schott based on years of research and legal notifications.

  • CANADA  1978       At an International Conference in Canada Mr. Gerald Emil of the Law Firm of Ladner and Emil, met with Mr. Henry Kissinger and discussed Mr. Bob Schott's claim. Mr. Kissinger's reply was one of astonishment and apprehension of others trying to do the same thing before an International Regime could be solidly formed.

  • U.S. 1980       While the U.N. Law of the Seas Treaties fell apart, the U.S. passed one lone Law Bill, 96-283, a Bill (Act) to Control the Licensing of all U.S. based Mining companies wishing to mine the Resources of the Deepsea beds. 10 of the 12 By-Laws Mr. Schott included for ISLE were blatantly and openly copied and placed into Act in 96-283. *(This Bill (Act) was 'ex-post-facto' (after) Schott/ISLE's claim and had no jurisdiction over ISLE's property claim.

  • GLOBALLY 1975-1980       Mr. Schott's claim forced the United Nations 'Third World Law of The Seas' Treaty negotiations to rush to agree on an International Regime to control the Hard Mineral Resources of the Deep Sea Beds. This did not happen. The over 130 countries from around the world could not agree.

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