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Help Protect Sharks from Extinction!
They've pvoven to provide a fantastic treatment for Cancer

Are Sharks becoming Endagered Species?
Protection of these species is vital

While traditional medicine doesn't inform of it, Shark Cartillge has proven itself as a cure for Cancer. So why do they keep it quiet? Probably because there's no money in a $35 bottle of Shark Cartillage for the AMA practicioners. It's all about the Buck!

hammerhead shark
The Hammerhead shark as seen in Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

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The Seven Gilled Shark
The Wobbegon Shark nautical gift
The Wobbegon Shark

Zebra Shark ocean nautical gift save our oceans
Zebra Shark
Lori's recommendation: 'Shark Mountain' on DVD
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Lori's Shark Cartillage story, 'Cry for help for our Ocean's Sharks cont'd...

Naturally I have a found affection for Sharks and for the protection of the Species, please help protect them from extinction... by Lori 'The ISLE Mermaid'
When Howard and Michelle Hall filmed their 'Sharks Mountain' documentary at Cocos (Keeling) Island, they ran into an unsettling discovery. The government of Coco's has seen fit to make a deal with the Taiwanese fishing fleet to build a concrete wall to separate their boats from public view. Why? What the Hall's discovered was that the Taiwanese fishing fleet were running 'Long Lines' 12 miles out from the Island.

These Long Lines snag sharks in Large Volume with little concern for preservation of the species. They are then taken to dock were they are cut up for various reasons. The problem here is that soon it is feared, the entire area will be 'fished' out and the reef sharks will no longer exist. So why don't our medical institutions
or others, support the use of Shark Cartilage as a weapon and force against cancer and put some effort into protecting Sharks? Simply put, Money! There's
little profit in it for the AMA, the manipulating Drug companies and other medical associations to promote, support or prescribe Shark Cartilage at $30-40 per bottle.

White Tip Reef Shark ocean gift idea
The White Tip Reef Shark

With our Oceans being polluted beyond reversal, the Rain Forests depleting, the world population growing, our atmosphere suffering, ie; Global Warming and worse, and the wasteful, greedy and neglectful manner in which mankind has been ravishing our planet today with little concern for tomorrow, we MUST start concerning ourselves with matters such as these, matters which through public demand and outcry can help make a positive difference! Soon there simply will not be enough of our natural habitat left for anyone if we don't all try and make an effort for world wide awareness of this issue and many others like it a priority
! We highly recommend getting a hold of Howard and Michelle Hall's excellent documentary, 'Shark Mountain' on DVD, and while you're at it, you might want to check out Dr. Lane's powerful book, 'Sharks Don't Get Cancer'.. 'Captain Bob' .and 'Lori'

Lori the sealand mermaid -

Lori's recommendation
'Shark Mountain' on DVD

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Ocean Day was June 8th

While there are many ways everyone can do their part to help our oceans envronment one small way You can continue to help is by simply picking up on piece of trash you find by a sewer outlet or river bed.  Many of these sewers lead directly to the sea and all rivers lead to the sea. That's a small contribution to help. While the original purpose of World Ocean Day presented an opportunity every year to honor the world's ocean, and celebrate the products the ocean provides, more importantly it should also be a day that people spread the word about the deterioration of the oceans resources and the dire need to employ stricter quality control measures in order to 'Protect' and 'Preserve' our Ocean's natural Resources, otherwise, they'll be no Ocean to Celebrate!
How Your Sealand ISLE GIft Kits help Spread the word for our Ocean's Environmental Protection!

Every time someone buys a Sealand ISLE Kit you are speading the word, in fact, you are giving far more than just a subsitute gift for someone that didn't want another tie for their birthday. As one of the greatest conversation pieces of the century, the ISLE Sealand Kit brings about discussions, awareness and also serves as a tremendous educational gift for all, especially those interested in our Seas!

As so many of our ISLE Shipmates from all over thw World will tell you, the ISLE Kits help bring awareness to such desperately needed subjects as the one you are reading about here, and many more, such as our depleting polar caps, the bio toxic waste pollution of our oceans, the greed of the mass fishing fleets that raid, pillage and plunder our seas threatening to strip it dry from resources and bring to extinction so many types of sea life and other resources.

The ISLE Kits have been purchased for so many reasons, such as anniversaries, wedding gifts, birhtdays, graduations, fathers for daughters and sons, mothers for their children, wives for husbands, husbands for wives, and much more, that it makes the most perfect gift for almost any occaision. The big'll be spreading the word about the dire need to protect and save our World's Oceans, our 'Last Frontier on Earth...from extinction!'

Your support helps us to continue to spread the word in many ways, we thank you!

Captain Bob and Lori the ISLE Mermaid

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sealand nautical gift shipmate
"Very interesting photo Kenneth, see your neighbors photo, Brian, below. Your plots are next to each other."
Kenneth K. - Florida, US

So why don't the main stream medical instiutions promote Shark Cartillage? How are they going to make any money off of a $35 bottle of Shark Cartillage? They'd rather destroy the cells in your system with Chemotherapy at 10's of thousands of dlollars it seems while they keep asking for donations to help find a cure for cancer. Well, maybe they should start turning toward the Shark!
tiger shark environmentally endangered from world's best maritime gift

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