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'Lori' the ISLE Mermaid 
"We hope you will find the 
ISLE Nautical Gift to be the most
unique gift idea you have ever 
had or given."

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Consumer Gifts Reviews
and Product Testimonials

From Around the World!

'Ahoy ISLE Nautical Shipmates!'

This is Consumer Reviews and Testimonials section features Real Consumer Reviews from Real People from all walks of life from around the world, where our ISLE Sealand family can meet each other and see what others have to say about ISLE's unique Nautical gift project. ISLE wants to thank each and everyone of our very special supportors and satisfied customers for spreading the word for our Oceans
Environment Protection and Preservation and for your kind
and interesting comments...
Bob Schott...ISLE Founder 
'Your Seafaring Captain'          
'Captain Bob -Robin Hood of the Seas!'

ISLE SeaLand Captain Bob Pirates of the Seas nautical gift ideas www.sealand.tv

Captain Bob
'Robin Hood of the Seas'
'Who's Who in America'
60th Diamond Edition 2006-2011

Please keep checking back on this page as we are constantly udating our 'Shipmates'
comments and photos.
*In order to protect our Shipmates Privacy from Spam and other privacy concerns, even though they don't ask us to - we only list first names and last initials.

sealand ocean gift shipmate and dolphin
Chelsea L.
This photo says a thousand words!
sealand ocean gift shipmate
Howard H. B.
Paradise Valley, AZ US
Christmas present from Howard's daughter, Elizabeth B.
Sealand ocean gift shipmate
Dr. Alvin E. W.
Sterling, VA US
Sec G3L
"Delighted to participate in this E. Pacific Ocean Deep Seabed claim."
  sealand ocean gift shipmate
Lori J. T.
Knoxville, TN
Sec G31N
"I think this is a great idea for a present, it’s imperishable.
Thank you ."
ISLE Shipmate mairtime gift  Brandy
Brandy Lee H.
Frankford, DE US
"Thank you for your work."
  ISLE Nautical Shipmate Robert
Robert B.
Pampano, FL
"It is truly an honor 
tobe a part of the 
ISLE Family."
sealand Mermaid sea gift shipmate
Charles F.
Comment from Charles
"His Favorite fish is
  sealand ocean gift shipmate
Jessi J.

Akron, OH US

"Purchased for ner neices 'Dina' and 'Amber who fell in love with the Ocean."


Sealand maritime gift Shipmate Lisa from TX


Lisa Gayle. M.

Cleveland, TX

"Flew over parcel on trip to Hawaii, lost your web site. Thrilled when read it again and obtained, at last, the desired parcel."

School teacher uses SeaLand as educational value to students

Kristin A. C

Easton, PA

"I am a School Teacher and my School is involved in the MARE Project. This coincides well with the Ocean Curiculum"
"Great going Kristin, I wish all Teachers had your sense of responsibility for our Oceans. We're proud of you" ... Captain Bob
ISLE boating shipmate
Eliza and Dog
*Info and comment 
to come
  Sealand Realestate Shipmate Roger
Roger M.
Real Estate Broker
sealand ocean gift shipmate Joyce
Joyce M.
Brooklyn, NY US
Sec. G3L
Ref. 424G3LJS-145-21-06
"This is so exciting for me to be a part of this endeavor, and I hope that other people will join in on this cause and feel a sense of fulfilment as I have."
"Joyce, thanks for the photo and great comments, glad you enjoy our project."
'Captain Bob'
  sealand nautical gift shipmate
Kenneth K.
Pompano Beach, FL US
Sec G30L
Ref 1044G30L - 145-47-12

"Very interesting photo Kenneth, see your neighbors photo, Brian, below. Your plots are next to each other."

'Captain Bob'
sealand ocean gift shipmate
Leon C. C.
Also one of the 1st to 
buy an ISLE Resource
  Nautical Map gift shipmate
Brian H.
Ridge, NY US
Sec G30L
Ref 1045G30L - 145-47-15
"We need pictures of the ocean floor. Also I want to know how deep the ocean is at my plot."

"Brian, thanks for the photo, check out NOAA's site . Also, see your 'neighbors' photo Kenneth, above you, you are next to each other."

'Captain Bob'
sealand ocean gift shipmate
Gerald B.
Geneseo, IL
"I want to offer it as a safe refuge for any and all endangered sea life, including any alleged sea monsters."
  sealand ocean gift shipmate
Gary J.
Titusville, FL US
Sec 392
sealand ocean gift shipmate
Donald B.
Poland, OH US
Sec G30L
Ref 1095G30L - 145-49-45

Shipmates of the Month!
March 2008

sealand maritime gift shipmate

Danielle S.
Sec G30L

"Thanks to my lovely daughter Danielle for my Sea Gift"

"I'm thrilled to see that there are smart youths out there, good for you Danielle! " Captain Bob

sealand ocean gift shipmate George
''Dr George'' J Molteni (JD-PHD) - CEO
LIttle Falls, NJ

George is the CEO of a World Wide Energy Group!

"Ahoy, Welcome Aboard George you look Sharp, and thanks for your support!" Captain Bob

Ray O.
Sec. G
Ref AJS-27124

"I want to meet 'Lori' as I am a renowned Author of Mermaid Love Songs"


Nicholas J. F.
Sec. G

Ref AJS-628N-151-18-48 Ref AJS-628N-151-08-24

"Best deal in a lifetime. Thank you kindly"

"Ahoy Nicholas and thanks for the kind comments!" Capt'n Bob

nautical gift Robert L


Robert L. S.
Sec. G
Horsham, PA US
"Ocean Life Forever"
Sr Eric's ocean gift idea
Sr. Eric S.
Lynnwood, WA
Sec. G


"I really like what you offer for the average Eco Lover, Let's keep the earth clean to the future and Beyond!!"

Couldn't have said it better Sr. Eric! Welcome Aboard! Captn Bob


Claire St.
Manchester, NH
Sec. G


"It's a good idea!!"

Claire with his Beagle 'Kelly'



John N.
Leavittsburg, OH
Sec. G


"I received the ISLE as a gift, I hold onto it as a Treasure!!"

 "Thanks John for the flattering comment! Hope ya did good at the slots!"


Richard A. H.
Pottstown, PA
Sec. G


I Love my Deed. I am a fan of the Ocean, and now I can say I own an Acre

 "Thanks Richard for the Great comment!



Jesse B.
Almond, NC
Sec. G


"I think it's a terrific investment and a Great Find!"

 "Thanks a lot Jesse for the kind words. It's great to see a young 'Pirate' like yourself take an interest in the Seas." Captain Bob


Cheyenne G Sealand nautical gifts shipmate


Cheyenne G.
Bagdad, AZ
Sec. G


 "Thanks for the Photo and Support Cheyenne!"

Captain Bob


Larry K ISLE Sealand Pirates ocean Gifts at sealand.tv

The enclosed Picture is of me and my Grandson Noah, he's 5 yrs and is really into Pirates and were just fooling around on Halloween. Hoping to get a computer soon, but was able to visit your web site and thought if was really Cool and hopes to come back to the web site again really soon.

Former ISLE
Shipmate of the Month!

Larry K.
Almsted Falls, OH
Sec. G


"I received my Deed as a Christmas Gift and I Love it!"

 "Thanks a lot Larry and Noah, great Photo, good fun stuff'. Hope you get your computer real soon and thanks for the great comments and your support, tell Noah Captain Bob says 'Ahoy Mate!' Captain Bob
Ralph H.
Oakland, CA
Sec. G

 "Ahoy! Thanks a lot Bryon Lynn for the Photo and great comments. Hope you enjoyed your cruise, even though it was the 'Other Ocean', thanks for your support Matie!"' Captain Bob

Bryon Lynn S.
Austin, TX
Sec. G

AJSTL 671-31N

"This is a picture of me. It's of my favorite thing to do sometimes, cruising the cruise lines over to another country, the Bahamas. Well I thought I would just tell you of how happy it makes me to actually own a whole acre of the Blue Ocean even if it is not on my way to the Bahamas. Ths is just to let you know that I really like this portion of the Sea and I hope you care for my short and few exciting little detail happenings with the ocean."

Regina K.
Sec. G

"I have booked a Hawaiian cruise for June 8, 2008. I plan to make a big deal out of my deed on the Delta plane, as we head across the Pacific Ocean!"

 "Ahoy Regina, thanks for your great support and we hope you have an enjoyable trip, try and get a picture out of your window on your way!" Captn. Bob

Heather Cody Levi sealand testimonials www.sealand.tv

I will be happy to visit this rainforest link as well as pass this on to friends. Thanks for the personal email back i was very surprised. Try this picture again. Hope my comment is not to long. Heather.

Heather, your comment is great and thanks for your interest and support, it looks like you've got a real live Pirate on your hands there too!...

Captain Bob

Shipmates of the Month!
February 2008

Levi, Heather & Cody W
Of Jax F.L

Thanks for adding us to the shipmates page This was a great gift...to get and give. Not a better gift out there for pirates of any age!!
 We took this picture at the Jax Zoo, we love anything outdoors. My three year old knows almost all of the animals by species and name. We also love to surf,.. my son crawled into the ocean at 6 months and did not stop!!
I knew we had a pirate on our hands. He is also learning his sea life and knows several types of whales which is more than Daddy. As he gets older I look forward to visiting "Our Ocean" It will be a great way to keep learning alive.



Perfect wedding gift Amber and William from VA www.sealand.tv

Shipmates of the Month!
April 2008


Amber and Willaim A.
Virginia Beach, VA
Section G (31 deg. N Lat.)
" I actually gave the deed to my husband for a traditional 1st wedding anniversary gift"

"Congratulations Amber and William - and thanks for the great Photo!"

Captain Bob and Lori


gift consumer review of nautical gifs sealand pacific ocean deed kit for www.sealand.tv photo customer

Samuel O.
Manhatten, NY
Sec. G


"Thank you for sending the ISLE Deed. You'll hear from me soon!"

 "Thanks Samuel, appreciate your enthusiasm, spread the words for the protetction of our Oceans. Since you have your own Band maybe write a song for it?"
Lori - The ISLE Mermaid
  sealand consumer review for www.sealand.tv
Fred and Karen R
Mesa, AZ
Sec. G


"Was gfven to me for my 36th Wedding Anniversary from my loving Wife!"

 "Congratulations Fred and Karen and thanks for the photo?"
Captain Bob and Lori - The ISLE Mermaid
mark isle sealand consumer pacific ocean seafloor www.sealand.tv
Mark M.
Baltimore, MD
"Love, Dreams of fantasy: ocean delight, rock all night"
  ISLE SeaLand consumer review photos ISLE Shipmates Richard and Joan D 1 Acre each from www.sealand.tv photos No Photo
Richard and Joan D
Manalapan, NJ

AJS 148-33N-148-16-30
AJS 148-33N-148-17-48

A Photo speaks a thousand words1
"Thanks for the photo and support Richard and Joan"
Captain Bob
Esau M sailor shipmate review for www.sealand.tv
Esau M.
Panarama City, CA

AJS 148-30N-145-07-00

"I my son to be in my life and to know about this great opportunity that I have taken?

"Thanks for the photo spreading the word for our Ocean's environment"

Captain Bob
  John T P SeaLand shipmate from New Jersey www.sealand.tv 
John T. P.
Ewing, NJ

1020G30L 9-17-02

"Love this Idea, who knows what the Future may hold?"

"Thanks for the photo promissing comment and also for spreading the word for our Ocean's environment"

Captain Bob

No Photo

Rudolph J. R.
Chicago, IL US
"This program is cool, wish I knew about this in 1975."

No Photo

Earl B.
Raleigh, N.C.
"I like my Deed and I
 look forward to
save the sealand for 
future generations."

No Photo

Salvio C.
Venezia, Italy
Sec G3L
Ref 227G3L-145-11-03
"I love the sea, this is a wonderful idea."

No Photo

Obie H.
Bronx, NY
"There's only one 
Earth-chairish it."
Peggy G.
Kamuela, HI
Sec. G


"What a Great Gift idea! I bought one for both daugthers, their husbands and myself!"

 "Well Peggy, what can I say but thanks for the generous support!" Captn Bob
Linda P.
West Bloomfield, MI
Sec. G

AJSTLG - 4 Acres

Bought by Linda for her son Adam."I thank you! I LOVE the Ocean! I want to be a Marine Biologist, so I think this will help!" I am going to dedicate this to all of those who love the water as much as I do!"

 "Very impressed and Yes, this sure will help you in your Maritime endeavors!" Captn Bob
Justin R.

"I got my deed package today, and am very pleased with it. It looks really nice, and I'm going to frame it:) Thanks again for following
through with me, and for helping to provide a valuable
and interesting opportunity. Best wishes to the ISLE team."

Daniel S. P.
Savanah, GA
40G31N 141.02.00
"This a good gift idea."

Michael P.
Brainerd, MN
Sec. G


"P.S. Bob and Lori, fishing - my location, say 10-10? A Great Gift for someone who has Most Everything!"

 "Well now, we appreciate your kind words, and Ahoy to you and good fishing!" Captn Bob
Gregg H.
Saltville, VA
Sec. G


"How many people can say that they own property in the Pacific!"

 "Well now, we appreciate your kind words, and Ahoy to you and good fishing!" Captn Bob
Michele Lee S.
Westland, MI US
"I Love it-it's a unique and environmentally sensitive gift... Thank you!"
Donald G. R.
Pass Christian, MS
1047G30L 145.47.21
"This is a great idea,
more people should
know about it."
Perlalita D. S.
Houston, TX
419G28N 145.20.57
"This is a neat way
of sving the
Jessica E. & Jaclyn E.
Telford, PA
"Glad to help,
Good Fun!"
Wayne L. S.
Shawano, WI

"Nice conversation piece-also very educational pinpointing the acre spot."

Annie P.
MicMinnville, TN
"I'm glad to own this one acre land that I wish for."

John V. J.
Sacramento, CA
Sec. G


"Was intrigued by the thought of owning Ocean Property. Bought 4 Acres, 2 for my 2 grandsons age 4 years and 1 yr 4 months old. Who can top that?"

 "Well now, John, you're right, thanks for your great support and interest!"
Captn Bob
Alaniz Family
Texas, US

109G31N-141-05-27 107G31N-141-05-21 106G31N-141-05-18 10G31N-141-00-30 108G31N-141-05-24

"I think this is Great!"

"Super! I'm glad my family was able to buy in!"

"Thanks Dad-nice."

MIke F. and Rochelle W.
"Dear sealand(isle),
My name is Mike F. ,you may remember me because i e-mailed you to notify you of some things that i thought could help improve your company, a representative of your's called me and thanked me for my input and also corrected the situation by giving another complementary gift ...thank you very much you are a good company with a good product that people enjoy and i hope you will achieve all your goals if you keep up good customer relations like you have so far i'm sure you will have no problem, thanks again."


No Photo

John L.
North Jackson, OH
"For the opportunity to own a 1 Acre claim of the E. Pacific Ocean floor of this final frontier on earth, and thereby preserving its fragile environment for the future, and for man's opportunity to do so."

No Photo

Harold J. B.
Port St. Lucie, FL US
Sec G
Ref GL1428
(1 Mile) Sec A
Ref A1MA011
My name is Harold Barr and I am the proud owner of one square mile and an acre of sea floor. Any chance of getting photos of the areas in question. Section G and Section A.. Also interested in a full map with the
coordinates to make it easy to locate my llittel spots in the sea. At this point, I can only guess like everyone else I suppose.
Going to make frames for my two DEEDS using my new shop woodworking equipment. Thanks and you have a very nice time."

"Thanks Harold, good work."

Captain Bob

No Photo

William and Grace B.
Summerset County, PA US
Natives of Summerset County. This was a gift from "BillMar" who is there son and daughter in law 'Bill and Marty' B.
  No Photo
Keith O.
Dyer, IN
"Our participation is a result as a gift from my wife, we support protection of our oceans, thank you."
No Photo
Drew N.
Mt. Airy,j NC
AJS 145 -30N
"This is the coolest Gift ever! MY girlfriend bought me this for Valentines Day, she is the best!."
Happy Valenties Day Drew. Lori

No Photo
Glen V.
De Pere, WI
"This is a real conversation piece at work."
No Photo
Mary G.
McKee, KY
"I miss and love the ocean very much, thank you."
  No Photo
Danny P.
Cisco, TX
AJS 148-33N
"I am very happy about having property in the Ocean. Thanks, this is Rare!."
No Photo
Dwain C.
Bessemer City, NC
AJS 148-33N
"The ISLE Deeds are Great. Everybody buy some, but save a few I'd like to get a few more!."
"I'm sure we can arrange that for you Dwain. Thanks Shipmate Dwain."
Captain Bob
No Photo
Corinna N.
Amherst, WI

AJS145-03N -
30N 145-28-54

"The most unique college graduation gift I have received"
No Photo
Michaelle N.
Cocoa, FL

AJS 152-31N

"I am very proud to own this!"
  No Photo
Multiple ISLE Owner
Nicholas James F.
Melrose Park, IL

AJS 145-30N

"This is the greatest system in the World!"
Occupation: Professional Drummer
Nicolas has made numerous purchases.

"Thanks Nicolas for the GReat Comment, glad you like SeaLand."
Captain Bob

Craig R. F., MC USN
San Diego, CA

AJS 147 33N

"Purchased from Shipmates as a retirement gift. The perfect gift for a Crusty Old Sailor!"
"Ahoy Craig, thanks for being an ole Salt!"
Captain Bob
No Photo

David L. H.
Meadville, PA
60G31N 141.03.00
"Keep up the good
No Photo

John H. B.
Park Ridge, IL
46G31N 141.02.18
"This is interesting"
  No Photo
Jimmie J. H.
Romney, WV
47G31N 141.02.21
No Photo
Whitney G.
Scottsdale, AZ
"Proud to support ISLE."

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