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Important Historic News

Nations Business Magazine
March 1978
"Who will Reap the Mineral Riches of the Deep?"
"The seabeds contain a treasure trove of metals that mankind needs. Business wants to bring up the treasure and make a fair profit. Many UN delegates don't want it that way.""There is an area of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Mexico, approximately 2,800 miles long and 800 miles wide, where the seabed is lettered with billions of nodules. These brown and black, rough-surfaced chunks of metal ores and mud range from thumb to grapefruit size and lie thickly sprinkled across the ocean's floor. To a world increasingly hungry for natural resources - particularly minerals-they represent a treasure trove of immense proportion. "Long controversy
"For centuries the world has recognized the right of freedom of the seas beyond national limits. Since prime quality nodules are almost all far out to sea, mining ships dragging their long, incredibly heavy and unwieldy, tail-like pipes could legally go out tomorrow and start the commercial harvest. But they have not. The reasons, American mining experts say, include an amalgam of politics in the United Nations, jealousy, antiprivate enterprise sentiment, charges of American greediness, hopes by delegates to the marathon UN Conference on the Law of the Seas to radically restrict the U.S. role in seabed mining, and attempts by delegates from underdeveloped countries to write the mining rules to their own advantage and to penalize technologically superior nations."

This one is both Historic and Current

It Appears that the Earth’s sixth mass extinction has arrived!

In a report put out by Nature journal of science recently it appears the obvious is happening. Palaeontologists categorize mass extinctions as times when the Earth loses more than three-quarters of its species in a geologically short time period. This has happened only five times in approx. the past 540 million years.. Biologists now suggest that a sixth mass extinction may be under way. This is basically due to the known species losses over the past few centuries and millennia. You can't pick up a paper or turn on the news and hear about another irresponsible oil spill, pollution dumping or other Oceanographic crisis. Extinction rates of sea mammals is continuing faster than reporduction all due to mass overfishing, greed, pollution and just plain irresponsible use of our Oceans, our Last Frontier on Earth.

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Ocean Environmental News

CHICAGO, IL — October 3, 2008

An action to Finalize Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Compact may have a positive affect on the ways our waterways are managed!

— President Bush took action today by signing the final legislation that is known as the Great lakes Compact. The world’s largest freshwater ecosystem should now be better protected from water withdrawal and diversion.

According to the Natual Conservancy Ogranization, the Senate unanimously passed the Compact in early August, and the House of Representatives passed it with a majority vote in late September. This federal action also recieved voluntary support from the Canadian government to the Compact’s provisions to protect the binational waters.

This should help make the way proper management and regulation of the Great Lakes.

While this action regards a North American waterway bounding between Canada and the U.S., there now needs to be a strategic focus on our oceans and protecting our deep sea bed resources. Major Lakes run into our seas and the quality of the water system has a direct affect on our oceans resources. Much more needs to be done in these areas.

ISLE encourages everyone to do their part in spreading the need for awareness for the preservation and proteciton of our Last Frontier on Earth, our Oceans.

FDA fish warning called lacking"

A 2000 National Academy of Sciences report estimated 60,000 women nation wide are putting their fetuses "at risk" of brain damage because of mercury in the fish they eat."
Food the FDA recommends that pregnant women avoid:
King Mackerel
Tuna Steaks
Sea Bass
Gulf Coast Oysters
White Croaker
Largemouth Bass


News Shorts:

A study that was published in the Journal Nature shows that 90 percent of all large fishes have disappeared from the world's oceans in the past 50 years as a direct result of overfishing.

It's bad enough with the non-policed Oil Ships causing spills, and it's totally irresponsible for the littlel known Cruise Ship pollutors dumping their waste into our oceans to avoid the expense of disposing of it safely, but where is the accountability for the overfishing. Go to  a lake over the weekend to do some fishing and if you catch more than your limit the Dept of Fish and Game gives you a fine. What about our most important natural resource, our Oceans? "It's greed, pillage and plunder" with an attitude of 'Who Cares, let's get it now and let others deal with it later!' - Captain Bob


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