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'Homecooking or Laboratory Prepared Fish?'
Some comments on the latest in the Genetically Engineered Salmon Controversy.

by Captain Bob

While everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving again this year already, one wonders what the shopping day's list will be in a few years from now. Now the government is deciding whether it’s safe for us to eat genetically engineered salmon.

If officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) give it the green light, it would be the first time that a genetically engineered animal is approved for food use. So why have Scientists been tinikering with nature again? It's all due to what we at ISLE have been trying to bring awareness to the world for a long time, greed, pillaging and pollution of our oceans natural rexources. Large fishing vessels are over fishing and irresponsible oil shipping companies continue to endanger, erode and destroy our Last Frontier on Earth, our Seas.

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So what is it these Science gurus are up to? Playing around with Mother Nature by altering the genes.

Scientists have spent around $60 million over the last 15 years developing a genetically engineered salmon for human consumption. These genetically engineered Salmon are reported to be able to grow up to six times that of natural Salmon. Yes, these altered genes have made salmon grow faster, sounds like body building steroids in a way. Yes, the Science community says our polluted seas and over fishing are bringing about a great deal of concern for the future of our Food from the Seas. But, at what cost? How do we know what will happen after continual consumption of Laboratory engineered food? I have seen too much from the Science community in the way of bold statements today that turn into disaster and mistakes tomorrow. Do you really want to feed you and your family food that has been altered genetically? Shouldn't the money on this research be put into Protecting our Oceans environment? What kind of message does this send out to those who carelessly and in my book, criminally, polute our oceans? Go ahead and plunder our seas because our scientists can make up for it in the Lab!!! Sorry, but there's something wrong here.

Will the FDA, in there efforts to protect the Pharmacies and Medical professions Guarantee that eating these altered foods will not have any adverse affect on your bodies or your children in the future? I doubt it. It takes years of testing and experimenting before they can come up with datat that provides positive results on something like this. Or, is it getting so bad out there in our seas that the FDA has no choice but to approve such nonsense. If so, it's a little hard to look at what the future might bring for other forms of food. Will 100lb engineered Turkey's be next? And, if you think that Science will stop here, don't bet on it for a minute! Sounds like one of those old classic creature feature horror films or maybe a new element for the new Pirates 4 Movie, 'The Kracken vs the 10 ton Salmon'.

Another thought, what happens if the genetically engineered fish escape or end up in our waterways and begin breeding with the Natrual Salmon? Think this can't happen. Look at all the out of control oil spills that are ruining our seas/ They're supposed to be under control, but where is the accountability?

How about working on cleaning up, preserving and protecting our seas from harmful oil spills, unmonitored pollutions. It seems that this is long overdue. Where's the U.N. in all of this? Well, one of the problems is that our Oceans waterways, not the seabeds, but the actual passage ways, out past the 200 mile limit or a country's continental shelf, are Free passage and not controlled by any one country, government or entity.

Some controls might be that heavier taxes are paid by those fishing vessels that are in this business and much heavier fines are imposed on any company responsible for the pollution of our seas that all goes into a World Wide fund for the preservation and protection of our seas. Boycott's imposed on countries that don't comply could be one answer, fines and economic support could be adjusted on the U.N. side. While the U.N. notoriously has had little enforcement abilities, there are some things that should be agreed on by the world in general as our Oceans Resources are NOT a single countries interest, it is world wide. And what about the Scientists 15 year 60 million dollar investment to alter the fish population? Shouldn't 15 years and 60 million dollars have been spent on the protection of our Seas instead of playing around wtih Mother Nature? If our seas are not protected and the plundering and polluting stopped soon, they'll have to genetically engineer the 7 Seas!

From Captain Bob


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