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A variety of interesting resources and subjects pertaining to everything from Shopping and Gift Giving to Nautical, Maritime
and Oceanography.

Discover unique shopping ideas, explore environment issues and much more!
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Nautical News

ISLE Oceanographic deep sea resource center
Useful and valuable oceanograhic, nautical charts, deep sea bed information and articles.

Various maritime resources for those interested in the study of our seas.

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Endangered Environment
ISLE's Maritime Sea Gifts to all who are interested in the history, study and protection of our Oceans!

We hope you will find our Maritime History, Facts and Stories interesting and educationa information. Help ISLE Feed the Hungry and Protect and Save our Raniforests FREE, by just clicking to the site
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U.N. and U.S. Law Bills

Intersting outline of previous U.N. an dU.S. Thrid World Law of the Seas Law Bills

ISLE SeaLand has the only original copies of the UN - US Proposed Seas Treaties Bills in existence.

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