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Writing about your own product can come off sounding like you're pounding your own chest or possibly like a used car salesman, but in this case I think I have much to offer on a positive note that may be better said from others than hearing it from me. First off, I want to say that I owe a great amount of tthanks to my loyal ISLE SeaLand Shipmates over the years who have taken their valuable time to not only support the SeaLand project but to offer their comments and even photos. SeaLand Ocean Kits have sold around the world, from Italy to the United Kingdom to Canada and across the Nation. From this wide spread demographical range we have received some of the most interesting comments from our customers and consumers. While I always am thinking of new innovative ways people can find the ISLE Nautical kits usefull and valuable, I have been pleasantly surprised that a lot of the uses come in the form of awareness for our oceans dire need for preservation and protection. And sometimes the useful idea of why someone bought the kits was more 'Personal' than you might think, as the SeaLand Nautical Deed Gift Kits have expanded to become a Personalized Gift of Many Faces. For example Amber and William from Virginia Beach celebrated their traditional 1st Wedding by Amber presenting an Acre ISLE Ocean Deed Kit to William as one of her anniversary gifts. They both have a foundness for the preservation for our oceans and the fact that Amber gave a SeaLand present on the anniversary to her husband is a symbol of that appreciation for what our Seas bring us in our everday lives.

On our SeaLand site I have featured a way for everyone to be ble to Donate to some worthy causes one of which is support for our endangered Rainforests, and all you have to do is 'Click a Link' - see details here, it's sponsored ads pay for your donation, so it's one of those "how can you say no" to helping, type causes. Levi, Heather & Cody of Jax FL also sent in their picture and were thrilled to promote the fact that people who were aware enough to realize the importance of the Rainforest to their friends and all they speak with. Their comment was "Thanks for adding us to the shipmates page This was a great get and give. Not a better gift out there for pirates of any age!!"

Another excellent example comes from young Danielle who bought her Dad an Acre Kit and her father's comment...""Thanks to my lovely daughter Danielle for my Sea Gift". It was this photo and comment here along with others just like them that makes me understand why Rush Limbaugh gets so excited when young people, especially those under the age of 10 call in and tell him how much they love his Rush Revere book series. Without trying to coin his phrase, if you can instill in the young ones the extreme importance of something so vital, such as the extreme importance of the Earth's resources, in my case, the Last Frontier on Earth, then I have accomplished something here of value. I know this is to be true as the ISLE SeaLand Deed kits have been time tested in it's ability to generate tremendous amounts of word of mouth mention proving itself as a true conversation gift, quite possibly, the most unique personalized gift in the world. Like the Rush Revere Historical Books, ISLE's SeaLand has a deep seeded Historical development behind it, one that serves value in educational schools from the Grade School Level all the way up to Maritime and Oceanographic Collegiate campuses.

On the educational level, I found myself feeling a sense of particular accomplsihment with the years of very tedius research and development for ISLE as one of the first things I wanted the ISLE SeaLand kits to do was to be a valuable part of the educational system. It is on this note I refer to Kristina, a School Teacher in Easton, PA. Her comment says it all... "I am a School Teacher and my School is involved in the MARE Project. This coincides well with the Ocean Curiculum" - Kristina A. This gives not just validity to the entire concept of why I founded SeaLand years ago, but to it's widespread use in areas that are most rewarding and beneficial to all.

The Global Dignitaries who were made fully aware of ISLE

Those are just a few examples of some of the fond comments I have received from my SeaLand Shipmates. You can read through many many more on the ISLE Shipmates Reviews Section and see some interesting photos as well. While I don't really go into finite' details of how the ISLE SeaLand project claim actually came about on many areas of the SeaLand site, I can tell you it would make a fascinating movie as more went into this project than I could say in just a few or even a thousand pages. The thought, the point-counter pont considerations, the assistance from Scripps Institute and Joe Colburn from the Naval Oceanographic Center, wherever you are now, to stories involving such world renowned dignitaries such as Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to former Attorney General of the Untied States, Griffin Bell, to the then President of the 3rd United Nations Conferences on the Law of the Seas, Mr. Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe (Sri Lanka), and especially to Who's Who in American Law attorney, Mr. Oscar B. Ladner, who saw a precedent in the making and provide his legal statement of points validating the ISLE Claim. Those dignitaries, and many more, of Global notariety and influence combined with the tedius plotting and historical research that all led up to me being able to be a part in pressing and influencing various aspects of the U.S., U.N. Third World Law of the Seas Conferences years ago and to even having some of my 'By Law' points used as items in U.S. Public Law Bill of 1982 regarding deep seabed mining, has given me great pride in each and every SeaLand kit that goes out, and in knowing that my ISLE Shipmates are fully aware that they are receiving, 'A Part of History'.

It is on this note that I say a hearty 'Thanks!' to all my ISLE Shipmates and all of the others across the Globe who have supported the ISLE SeaLand project and provided a wealth of uses for the SeaLand Ocean Deed Kits that have all said something for me that makes it more believable than saying myself, that the ISLE SeaLand project is far more than being labled as 'The World's Most Unigue Pesonalzied Gift', but a 'True Gift of Awareness of Great Historical Value for Everyone on the 'Blue Planet'. To that I say Thank you... and let's keep it Blue!" ---

Captain Bob

-*Coming Soon from ISLE - The ONLY Existing Copies of the U.S. and U.N. 3rd World Law of the Seas Conference Proposed Bills.


Thank you for your interest and support of ISLE.

Regards, and 'keep a weather eye open on the horizon'

Captain Bob

One of the most unique Personalized Gifts in the World!

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Perfect wedding gift Amber and William from VA
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Virginia Beach

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Levi, Heather & Cody W
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School teacher uses SeaLand as educational value to students
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