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Q:   Who may purchase a deed to your claim?
A:  Anyone in the World may purchase a deed to the ISLE claim. This was the foundation for the thought behind the this lengthy process in the beginning. The claim was initially established with the thought that "if enough people of like mind and good will were to have just "ONE" acre or parcel of the ISLE claim, then everyone would have a share in what is rightfully considered to be... the 'Common Heritage of Mankind."
Q:   How did this claim come about?
A:   The initial concept came about one night when considering 'who actually owns the sea'. When breaking it down and upon initial research it was easily discovered that, while the 'sea' or 'ocean waterways' are considered world-wide to be 'International Free Travel' and 'Flagship' laws applied, the laws regarding the actual deep-sea bed were much thinner. Further research uncovered the fact that countries owned the property, or 'seafloor' out to the end of  'Their Own Continental Shelf', or 200 miles whichever was furthest..."ANYTHING AFTER THAT HAS BEEN LEFT 'UNTOUCHED AND OVERLOOKED'  BY WORLD LAW"...Until around 1975 when the United Nations and there paranoia about 'control' was pressed into action by Mr. Schott!. Basically, when Bob Schott's claim to PREVIOUSLY "UNCLAIMED PROPERTY" was "FIRST, FOREMOST AND PARAMOUNT."
Q:   What sparked the  United States and the United Nations to 'get around' to frantically push for a 'hurried passage' of the 'Third World Law of the Sea Treaties and Control of the World's Seabed's?'
A:   First off, at that time (and before), there were actually only about 2 or three vessels in the world that had the capability of reaping the rewards that the oceans sea floor contain. Howard Hughes Glomar Explorer (Occasionally used as a spy recovery ship) was one of them. Also, although the Ocean's seabed contains a wealth of mineral deposits and riches,  the Pacific Ocean is extremely deep and is basically 'unreachable' or 'unusable'.
Q:   Why does Bob Schott feel his claim is legitimate and valid?                                                       
A:   Bob's claim is not unlike that of the early prospector's in the Gold Rush days. At the time Bob established his claim there were (NO) existing laws governing the property of the deep sea beds. The only laws which existed were those which stated that each country controls the ocean and ocean floor out to their own continental shelf of 200 miles from shore, whichever is furthest. This is an extension of the old maritime law which incorporated the 3 mile limit. The reason for the 3 mile limit in the olden days was basically a defense position that  that was as far as the canons could shoot in those days. Another factor was that there are limited ships/vessels equipped with the technology to actively mine the minerals of the oceans seabeds at the great depths, so it was drastically overlooked as there was no apparent threat to this massive area of wealth which lies at the bottom of the oceans of the world. 
Q:   Is this claim valid or is it just a novelty?
A:   ISLE's claim has years of research and diligent vested work involved. Notices of the cliam were given to the United States, Governor Stanton's office in Washington D.C., the United Nations and Major countries of the world. It was Bob Schott himself that actually forced the Third World Law of the Seas Conferences to press forward to try to arrive at a unilateral treaty to govern the deep seabed's of the world. Here was the problem, the United States admitted they had no 'authority' and neither could any other country. The U.S. couldn't say they had authority to deny or acknowledge this claim due to the fact that IF they DID either 'Acknowledge or Deny, this in itself would be a bold statement of an authoritative ownership stance. In other words, they couldn't say Bob Schott's claim was valid or invalid because to do so would put them in a very delicate World Wide political problem area. In short, they got caught with their political 'pants down' on this issue. This was why after receiving numerous notices from Bob Schott and ISLE they became very nervous and frantic in their attempts at arriving at a unilateral agreement for a U.S. / U.N. treaty for deep seabed control. No Treaty was ever arrived at as the over 130 countries of the world could not put their 'egos' aside and arrive at a fair and equitable agreement, an agreement which never should have been sought, as these very governing bodies of the world that are compelled to try to control everything in their path would have violated the very statement they all used to defend their actions, that statement was 'The Common Heritage of Mankind'. It is on this note and due to this very statement that Bob Schott and ISLE have built into their operations, as if enough people of goodwill and like mind all join in and have even just one acre, we as 'Mankind' can all ably retain and protect this 'Heritage' of  The 'Last Frontier' on Earth. This is why Bob Schott and ISLE are only charging a nominal fee of only $25 for an acre. Not much for over 25 years of dedicated hard work, legal fees and research. *(Note: Please visit the U.N. bills section on this site for further proof of what the Third World Law of the Seas Conferences were all about and also see the legal section for further support of the validity of Bob Schott and ISLE's claim. If after all of what you see on this site you are still skeptical, then you can call this a novelty if you like, but what if?, what if? In other words, what you are buying is this, years of research, legal notifications, educational wealth on the last frontier on earth and a great conversation piece, now if all of that's not worth a mere $25 then the prices of movies should way down, because you can't even take yourself and a guest to the movies for $25 anymore. The buyer is being conveyed only such title as Bob Schott and ISLE are vested with and to date Bob Schott's claim has never been contested. In other words, this is 'Man's chance to take a chance'.
Q:   Can anyone else establish such a claim in other areas or Oceans of the world?
A:   That's exactly what the United States, and the United Nations were trying to stop. The United States Passed their only Public Law Bill on this issue in 1980, which NOW basically controls any U.S. citizen or company from mining the deep sea bed. However, this was almost 7 years AFTER Mr. Schott's claim and does not include control for the deepsea bed in general, nor does it involve control for other countries. It is this Law Bill, the only one they were able to pass, that contains every by-law Bob Schott thought up and designed for ISLE.
Q:   What should I expect when considering buying a deed claim and what do I get for my $25?
A:   As stated earlier, you can call this a novelty if you like, but what if? Bob Schott and the legal entity behind ISLE believe they have a just and valid claim to this heretofore unclaimed property. Schott's claim was first, foremost and Paramount in many respects. The United States admitted in a letter to Bob Schott that they had no authority over this area and did not want to circulate any information of this claim to the UN delegates during the Third World Law of the Seas Conferences.. Here's what you get: A beautifully frameable deed, a map showing the property area where your deed represents, a copy of Bob Schott's original 'Attorney's Certificate of Title' from the now retired attorney, Mr. Oscar B. Ladner, a prominent trial attorney prominently listed in 'Who's Who in American Law' and a sheet about certain U.S. and U.N. law bills which never passed, as well as a copy of ISLE's 'By-Laws', which were copied and utilized into the eventual passage of the U.S. Public Law Bill.
Q:   Why should I buy a Deed to property located under the sea?
A: 'Historical' a great conversation piece and most of all, to take part in what has historically been referred to as 'The Common Heritage of Mankind'. Take part in the Most sophisticated World-Wide  legal battle of the last three centuries. Plus, it makes a great conversational and educational gift for the person who has everything.
Q:  What is the size of your claim?
A:   Bob Schott and ISLE's claim is over 6 million square miles of the East Pacific Ocean seafloor.
Q:   How did you arrive at the boundaries and area size?
A:   The Boundaries established and claimed by Bob Schott and ISLE were arrived at by first researching continental shelf in proximity to the United States and West Coast of Canada and Mexico . Secondly Bob Schott enlisted the services of a top Oceanographer for the Navy and Scripps Institute in, California. There is, however, one very small area in which the claim lies just inside of the 200 mile zone off of the Western United states coastal area but that has been relinquished and no claim of ownership is being asserted by Bob Schott and ISLE for that particular small parcel of seabed. It also honors s similar claim (of only about 10,000 sq. miles) by a large Deed Sea bed mining company which took place around the same time.
Q:   Is there any limit on how many deeds I can purchase of  ISLE?
A:    Only to the extent of ISLE's original claim size with the mentioned restrictions
Q:   How did Mr. Schott's 'By Laws' which he designed for ISLE become included in the "proposed" U.S. Law of the Seas and HR bills?
A:  Basically, "COPY AND PASTE".
Q:   How can I use my Deed?
A:   This is a tremendous Educational and conversation piece, gift, novelty (If you like). If you have a vessel with enough technology maybe you can go mining for the minerals of the sea. If you do, let us know what you come back with, and don't worry about owing Bob or ISLE a royalty, if you paid your $25 it's yours. *(However, Bob Schott and ISLE are not responsible for shark attacks, jellyfish stings or getting a case of 'The Bends').