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Lori at the Beach with her Guitar 'Daisy'
Not as afraid of the sun now thanks to Sharks.
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The Hammerhead shark as seen in Disney's
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Zebra Shark
Lori's recommendation: 'Shark Mountain' on DVD

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'The Shark and I'by Lori –

... Once again I am enjoying creating an article, and this one is appearing during the summer time when sun care becomes a higher concern. I guess I can say this news article will find some of you in need, but encouraged I hope. So a very happy summer season to all of you from Sharks and I.
This may prove to be one of the greatest gifts of all time as it has been for me. keep a 'weather eye on the horizon' and look to the sea, and for all those continuing seeking funding for cancer you need to focus your attention to the Sea. Living day in and day out with a threat like cancer casts a dark shadow over daily existence not to mention future dreams and plans. But God blessed me with the man of my dreams, he introduced me to Shark cartilage and its benefits as I am still here and able to write this article with great appreciation for Dr. Lane and all his valuable work and books.
While Dr. Lane has been ostracized and criticized by main stream medical associations he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Shark Cartilage destroys cancer and saves lives. So why doesn't main stream medical promote this, maybe because there's simply not enough money in it tor them with a $30 bottle of Shark Cartilage you can get over the counter at almost any Health Food store. Guess money talks, huh? What a sad commentary.
My 'Lori's Cry' story on tells more of the seriousness of the situation our Sharks are presently facing with regards to extinction.
My new single 'New Horizons' coming out soon on my Time Machine Album tells the sad story of a very dear friend of mine who after taking Shark to try and help beat her rare form of cancer detected by medical specialists, was swayed and convinced by doctors that traditional chemotherapy and expensive pharmaceutical drugs should still be taken, even after Shark had completely removed all signs of her cancer and she was even singing her praises of being pain free after only 6 weeks of Shark treatment. After stopping Shark and going along with the destructive traditional treatments at the advise of her specialists, the cancer returned and she died in weeks. The hospital made their money, the doctors got their fees and she got buried. So does Shark really work? Ask Dan Rather of 60 minutes.
A special note, to my former Dr. Patel, should you stumble across this article, thank you for believing in me over my concern of possible melanoma. After your diagnosis from seventeen years ago I was able to make that phone call after given only 10 years to live, that led me to a most amazing gift of life, Shark.
Sadly I wonder, what is the future for Sharks. After watching a most amazing, but scary documentary Shark Mountain, by the Halls that shows the Taiwanese fishing fleets rapidly destroying sharks with their long lines off Costa Rica with protection by the local government, so as my song 'New Horizons' asks, 'What Planet is This?'

Author Source: Lori is the ISLE SeaLand 'Lori the Mermaid' model and writer.Lori is also a singer and you can watch and hear clips of her songs at Lori.FM. The above article. Lori's story and experience is not intended as a prescription, but is simply, 'Lori's Story' which in itself is a testimonial for consideration of alternatives and research that has proven itself.

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