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A Claim to Pacific Ocean Seafloor makes Maritime Hitory!

he claim to over 6 million square miles of deep sea bed in  the East Pacific Ocean area was developed and first established in 1975 by Mr. Robert Schott, owner and founder of International SeaLand Enterprises, (ISLE), formerly of Beverly Hills, California. Mr. Schott has spent more than 20 years researching, developing and compiling exact and pertinent data on this most sophisticated project. Since the resources of the ocean are said to be the 'Common Heritage of Mankind', and being of mankind himself; Mr. Schott foresaw the coming exploitation of this last frontier, as he was unwilling to wait and see this last remaining abundance of resources taken over by any government or huge multinational companies to the exclusion of the people, while they extract these valuable resources and sell back to the people what they should be able to share in to begin with.

pirate ship battle maritime history of offshore country boundaries from photo   "In the earlier days of Pirates and those who roamed the sea in search of discovery there was a 3 mile limit for country coastlines."

The main reason for this was that 3 miles was about the extent of the range of a ships guns. Later in the eary 1900's the Universal law extended to 50 miles, then later in the later 1900's it became 200 miles out from a coastline of that country's own continental shelf."

 ISLE's  claim has been mapped and divided into sections and fully described by legal dimensions. It was first established in September of 1975 and periodically reaffirmed and updated thereafter by giving notice to such entities as the Secretary of State, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, the President of the United Nations, all major oil companies and major countries of the world. Additionally, and unbeknownst to Mr. Schott,  Deep-Sea Ventures of Virginia, a large corporation, and at about the same time, deemed it important enough to establish a similar claim of some 10,000 square miles within the same area. Although smaller in size than ISLE'S property, Deep-Sea Ventures claim is solely an internal corporate benefiting one, as it is being used for their own mining purposes and not being made available for sale or lease. Although  acknowledged and honored by ISLE, when comparing the two existing claims, it is apparent that Mr. Schott has been far more thorough and persistent in his endeavor. A most important point however is that both claims were established prior to the passage of any pertinent laws of the U.S. or the U.N. now being pressed into force. It is because of the constant persistence of Mr. Schott and the existence of these new and ever present laws now coming into effect, that now no one else, be it a person, corporation, or any other entity, can establish even a semblance of a valid claim of this sort anywhere on the ocean seabed in this last frontier.

"Impossible to reach a unilateral agreement for ownership, with smaller countries demanding equal rights, no agreement was able to be arranged."

The law of the Seas is the most controversial subject of law in the world. In the early years there was no available method for capturing the rich resources of the deepseabeds. Now those very untouched riches are slowly coming into the world's grasp mankind's own thoughtless and greedy pollution has endangered it"
pirate ship mid 1600's mairtime law and history background for ISLE SeaLand Pacific Ocean claim from photo


Information in Mr. Schott's letters and attachments to Mr. Henry Kissinger and other U.S. and U.N. bodies were used in various addresses to the U.N. body causing an urgent necessity to rapidly establish some form of U.N., U.S. agreement over control of the deep sea-beds, for which the sole purpose being to obtain control for the "Power Brokers" own exploitation.  ISLE'S claim was First, Foremost and Paramount and prior to any existing laws. Although far more sophisticated, ISLE'S claim is not unlike that of a prospector's claim to a gold mine in the days of the early west. To this end, Mr. Schott has established claim and subdivided its land beneath the sea into sections, available now at very low costs.

       ISLE and Mr. Schott's claim to this area of the deep sea-bed has been thoroughly and competently researched by one of the most respected attorneys in the nation. Mr. Oscar B. Ladner of Gulfport, Mississippi; now retired, Mr. Ladner's record was that of a trial attorney of great accomplishment and distinction in the field of law, as attested to by his listing in 'Who's Who in American Law'.

      In 1975, Mr. Schott created 'By-Laws' which he felt were necessary to the working nature of his project. Almost every point in his By-Laws, conceived, composed, and structured for ISLE directed at establishing some form of safeguard protection of the seabed environment and for the benefit of mankind as a whole, were copied years later by the U.S. and U.N. and incorporated into their proposed bills. Points 2, 3, 6 and 8 of Mr. Schott's ISLE By-Laws, which were somewhat revised to  benefit The 'Authorities' needs, can be found in Public Law Act 96-283 of the  U.S.A. dated June 28, 1980, 5 years after Mr. Schott's claim. Point I, along with several other of ISLEs' By-Laws can be found in the 'Report of the Delegation to the Xlth Session of the U.N.s' Conference on the 'Law of the Sea', dated March 8-April 30, 1982 - (7 years after Mr. Schott's claim)

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