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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for 2017 - Unique - Unusual and Personalized

Popular New Personalized Gifts from the Sea

Holiday Shopping for Stocking Stuffers to Gift Baskets, SeaLand's Deed Kit presents a Big Surprise!

Unique Holiday Personalized Gift Solution!
An Acre of ISLE's claim to over 6 million sq. miles of the E. Pacific Ocean Seabed - A Gift You'll Remember Forever!

For many years SeaLand has proven to be one of the most Unusual Gift Ideas under $50 that you can give, especially for that hard to buy for person or the guy or gal who has everything.   SeaLand's Pacific Ocean gift ideas make your Holiday or Special Occasion shopping easy and a perfect solution for any potential gift giver.

holiday Christmas gift ideasHoliday and Christmas Shopping and Gift Giving is always an exciting time of the year, but finding that perfect gift for that Special someone can be a task. SeaLand has solved that problem. The ISLE Deed Kit is one of the greatest converstation gift ideas you can give. When Framed on the wall to display to all visitors, it generates one of the most unique conversations of Who Owns the Seas, a question that has played with Mankind since early Pirate Days.

A tie or scarf will be talked about for about 10 seconds, but the ISLE SeaLand Deed kit will be talked about for years to come! Here are just a few Examples of how the ISLE Deed Kits have been used:

Gift for the Boss
Gift for the Staff - Employees
Family Surprise
Anniversary Gift
Gift for College Students
Corporate Gift
Educational Gift
Environmental Awareness Gift

Finding the right gift for anyone you're close to such as your spouse (or another couple), family members, employers and others is now surprisingly easy when you give an Acre or even Sq. Mile of the ISLE Deed Kit.

Christmas and Holiday Gift idea solutions
Gift Baskets and Stocking Stuffing that include a SeaLand Gift Kit is very popular at Holiday Season time, and makes a difference.

sealand ocean gift shipmate George SeaLand would like to encourage you to look at some of our loyal Shipmates and what they have to say on how the ISLE Deed Kit affected them and the ones they bought an Acre of the Pacific Ocean for.

ISLE Shipmate 'Heavy Hitter' George
"George is the CEO of a World Wide Energy Group!

"Ahoy, Welcome Aboard George you look Sharp, and thanks for understanding what it took to engage in the ISLE Claim years ago to gain credibilty and especially for your support!" - Captain Bob

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Your HOLIDAY Seasons Gift Solution and other Occasions. See what some of ISLE's Ship mates have to say and how they used their Acre and Mile Personalized Gift Kits

Isealand maritime gift shipmateSLE Shipmates Danielle and Dad

"Thanks to my lovely daughter Danielle for my Sea Gift"
- "I'm thrilled to see that there are smart youths out there, good for you Danielle!" - Captain Bob

Don't forget to recognize and play a part in Ocean's Day each June, and as a matter of importance, every day... it really does Help!

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Worlds most unique personalized ocean gift

Many consider the SeaLand Personalized Pacific Ocean Deed Kit a perfect unique gift idea for the holiday season.
Personalized Holiday gift ideas

Acre corporate Gift Certificate kit

The Pacific Ocean ISLE Deed Kits lets you be a part of the World's Most Historical and Environmental Exciting Educational Story of One Man's Relentless Affect on the Famed Third World Law of the Seas Conferences!

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